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Sri Aurobindo's
Gayatri Mantra
Let us meditate on the most ausp


तत्सवितुर्वरं रूपं ज्योतिः परस्य धीमहि |

न्नः सत्येन दीपयेत् ||


Let us meditate on the most auspicious (best) form of Savitri,

on the Light of the Supreme which shall illumine us with the Truth. 

19 March 1933

Messages from
Sri Aurobindo and The Mother
Thought for the day
You cannot expect the whole world to be at your service and everything to happen as you fancy it to be more convenient for you.

The Mother(Words of the Mother, Vol. 14 Page: 282,CWMCE)
From the writings of
Sri Aurobindo and The Mother
The Synthesis of Yoga
Chapter X 

 The Realisation of the Cosmic Self


OUR first imperative aim when we draw back from mind, life, body and all else that is not our eternal being, is to get rid of the false idea of self by which we identify ourselves with the lower existence and can realise only our apparent being as perishable or mutable creatures in a perishable or ever mutable world. We have to know ourselves as the self, the spirit, the eternal; we have to exist consciously in our true being. Therefore this must be our primary, if not our first one and all-absorbing idea and effort in the path of knowledge. But when we have realised the eternal self that we are, when we have become that inalienably, we have still a secondary aim, to establish the true relation between this eternal self that we are and the mutable existence and mutable world which till now we had falsely taken for our real being and our sole possible status.


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